Wednesday, October 14, 2009

ITEM OF THE DAY: iTrack and iHound

In addition to yesterday's mourning of my dead digital voice recorder, I am also mourning my iPod Touch. I'm not that big into tech devices, and certainly not glued to it, but it sucks to have lost it.

Stupidly, I misplaced my ipod while on a grueling 7 hour bus ride from Plattsburgh, NY to NYC. I had engaged in a 6+ hour Scrabble tournament that lasted till the battery died somewhere in New Jersey (that's right, blame Jersey) at which point I thought I put it into my purse, but it must have fallen under my seat instead.

Anyway, while looking for ways to recover it, I found a slew of applications for ipod Touch and iPhones that help if you ever loose them. If I had known before my trip, I would probably have mine back by now.

So check out iTrack and iHound for your mobile devices, so you're not totally helpless when you loose expensive playthings.

P.S. Please let me know if you'd like to donate to the "Talkie Toni Needs a Touch" foundation by emailing me at

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  1. You made some nasty bus travelers' day! Free Ipod :)