Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Name is Talkie Toni....

So here's the deal. Everybody asks me for advice. Everybody.

I spent 45 minutes on my way home from work last week explaining the mysteries of ear infections to a lovely homeless woman who resides at Park and 18th St. What can I say? Her daughter had an ear infection and, as a seasoned ear infection survivor, I felt compelled to listen, and respond.

It's ingrained in me, or I'm just a magnet for people's issues.

Boyfriend issues? After spending years and years of listening to my girlfriends...I have answers.
Girlfriend issues? I can unravel the mysterious web that women weave around you.
Beauty issues? I have great skin. You ask, I tell.
Any other issues? I'll try my best.

I have a gift. Let em rip.

That being said, think of this as your free session with a psychiatrist/therapist/doctor, etc.

Send your questions to talkietoni@gmail.com

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