Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Guys and Grooves

Dear Talkie Toni,

My girlfriend left me for a much older man about six months ago. Since then I've been completely uninterested in women, to the point where I can't even remember the last time I've had an erection (and I normally pop one just from watching 60 Minutes!). My friends have tried setting me up with tons of nice girls but I can barely muster up enough enthusiasm to get through an entire date. Do you have any tips on how a heartbroken dude can get his groove back? Or is it called something other "groove" if you're a guy?

Boneless in Bucks County

Thanks for writing in, BBC. I've spent the past few days really thinking about how to approach this question...and I think that I have a number of options that may help.

The first, and most obvious option would be to sign up for a reality dating show. Start by doing an outline of your likes and dislikes in your specie of choice. (Blond hair, green eyes, amputee, etc.) When this is complete make a hefty shopping list of networks that you think may be interested. If you need a contact at Disney, let me know.

Seeing that your ex-girlfriend left you for an older man, another option would be to try updating your wardrobe and accessorizing with a gold or platinum American Express card. Flash it anywhere you go, as you never know where love may find you.

In terms of getting your groove back, I'd say a good old fashioned night of fun (drinking) may do the trick. To spice it up, try wearing a subtle disguise and go to a new place. Be mysterious and meet some new people. Use this adventure as a way to break free from your comfort zone and get back in touch with who you are.

Remember, getting in touch with yourself helps you get in touch with others.

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